About Us

Hi! I’m so glad you’re here!


I’m Beck. I’m raising four fabulous humans in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I am a writer, musician, and general creator-of-things. It’s our 7th year of educating at home and I learn more every day. I am currently reading “One By One” by Ruth Ware.

The Kids:

Number One: Number One is 13-years-old and loves animation, YouTube, Minecraft and the 1980s. He is an auditory learner like his mama and learns best with rhymes, songs and audiobooks. His favourite books are Ready Player One, The Guardian’s of Ga’Hoole series, and The Dragon Rider.

Number Two: Number Two is 11 going on 15. She has always been very responsible and independent. She loves to create beautiful things. She sews, paints, draws and has won numerous awards for her creativity. Number Two is also our “animal whisperer” and loves to ride horses. She is currently reading the Harry Potter series.

Number Three: Number Three is our drama queen. At 7 years old she is a kind, creative spirit who loves to be in the spotlight. Number 3 loves Minecraft and the “Little Club.” In recent months she has developed a lobe for reptiles- especially snakes. She spends her afternoons delving into Snake Discovery videos on YouTube. She has always had a huge vocabulary and she loves to create stories. She is currently listening to Mom read “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls.”

Number Four: Our baby of the bunch keeps me on my toes. At 3 years old, Number Four is very busy. His brain is always working to figure out puzzles. He loves to be outdoors and to get his hands dirty. His favourite book is currently “The Very Brave Bear.”

We are eclectic learners. Basically, that means we don’t follow a set curriculum. We take bits and pieces from several different models and follow the learners’ passions.

Please join us as we explore, learn, play and create from the heart.